What Are Friends with Benefits (FWB)?

Many of us will recall the 2011 Sony Pictures movie “Friends with Benefits,” with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis or a similar film that year “No Strings Attached,” featuring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Both films attempted to tap into the zeitgeist of today – namely, why do we need to structure our lives around traditional romantic notions of love and marriage? Why can’t we have exciting, sexual adventures with people we care about without getting caught up in unnecessary commitment?

That concept - of sharing something good with someone who is a friend and not necessarily a mate – is even more popular today. The FWB trend may have started as a movement among millennials but it is growing in appeal for people of all ages.

How many times have you wondered what it would be like to experience an erotically-charged moment with someone who isn’t really that interested in what you do for living or how much money you make? Or whether you’re available to attend some event or meet the family?

The term Friends with Benefits speaks for itself. You are looking for someone who shares your desire for sexual adventure in ways that benefit both of you – without the distraction of traditional dating or committed relationships.

Are You Looking for a Friend with Benefits?

Our lives take many shapes and forms, and in today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven society, it’s easy to lose sight of our most basic needs and pleasures. Finding a friend who helps us momentarily escape life’s rigors can be a rich and rewarding experience. Why not let help you find that special friend who is right for you?

You may be in a committed relationship and for the most part things are good between you and your spouse. However, something is missing in your sexual life and you want to try new things. But your spouse is not open to the idea. Wouldn’t it be nice to hook up with someone who shares your desires in ways you can’t experience with your spouse?

Perhaps you are a married man who wants to explore other aspects of your sexuality? You’ve always been in heterosexual relationships but find yourself fantasizing about being with a man? Or you’re a stay-at-home mom who is always juggling the kids, the house and relatives and you’ve lost yourself in your lifestyle? Imagine having an erotic rendezvous with a discreet partner who wants to indulge you and your sexual fantasies with no strings attached.

Maybe you’ve just left a long-term relationship and have absolutely no desire for another. Having a friend with benefits allows you to fulfill your sexual needs without the hassle or heartbreak of a committed relationship.

Older people, some of whom may have just lost their husband or wife, look to Friends with Benefits to help cope with their loss without embarking on another long-term relationship.

Are you a career-minded person? Someone who never wanted a spouse or a family? Perhaps you are simply looking for a married friend who shares your desire for sexual adventure but understands you have no expectations for a committed relationship.

People from all walks of life and with various sexual orientations now have an opportunity to explore and act upon their inner desires through

Where Do I Find Friends with Benefits?

You’ve decided it’s time to stop fantasizing and earnestly seek out a friend who will join you on your sexual odyssey. So where do you start? A likely place is within your own circle of acquaintances or people at one of your social clubs. Clearly you know them well and they are people with whom you share a personal affection. However, how can you guarantee that any relationship within this circle will remain confidential and discreet? Is it something you really want to risk?

Another obvious avenue is the bar scene. Singles clubs remain popular for instant hookups, particularly with millennials. An exciting night out could surely lead to a wild and erotic encounter with someone you just met. But is that what you’re looking for? And how discreet is this type of hook up, particularly if you’re in a committed relationship?

Traditional dating agencies, as well as social media apps and websites, allow you to refine your search, but too often they concentrate on matching you with romantic partners looking for committed relationships. Sex dating isn’t usually a specialty of a typical dating agency. This can be a time-consuming process and one that eventually may not get you to your ultimate goal – a simple, no strings attached rendezvous with a like-minded partner.

By creating a discreet and clear profile with, you control your journey and the ability to choose the type of friend with benefits you’re seeking – at your own pace and time.

Remember, many of our clients share your desire for efficiency and discretion. Just imagine the excitement of going through the profiles of other adults looking for a friend with benefits. It won’t take you long to realize there are many open-minded people out there searching for the same erotic adventure.

Getting to know some of these potential friends through online chats, follow up phone calls and eventually, your first meeting only adds to the excitement and anticipation of what could be the most dynamic sexual interlude of your adult life.

The Rules of Friends with Benefits

As with any dating exchange, it is important to set some basic guidelines which outline exactly what you’re looking for – and what you’re not. Your profile needs to be clear about your expectations as well those of your potential partner.

Let’s say, for instance, you are in committed relationship and are looking for a casual sexual partner who not only shares your passion and erotic desires, but also respects your lifestyle and absolute need for discretion. You may come across some very arousing prospects in your search, but make sure they ultimately want what you want – a no commitment discreet encounter that is separate from your day-to-day life.

If you want to connect with an open-minded friend who also wants to stay “under the radar” and away from emotional entanglement, then make sure you’re clear from the start. Get to know your prospects first through online site chats and phone calls. Texts are riskier and easier to detect. And you should definitely learn about their social media behavior. Are they active posters on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Snap? Will they be tempted to broadcast your hook up or booty call to the social media world? That’s the last thing you want out of this relationship.

You may ultimately decide to concentrate only on married dating online. Remember you’re not looking for another spouse or romantic commitment. You’re looking for a friend with benefits – and only that.

The internet is full of many sites dedicated to the dos and don’ts of friends with benefits dating. An interesting article by Eric Charles in A New Mode ezine (3) concisely points out the importance of setting clear ground rules and communicating your expectations before embarking on this type of relationship. These guidelines help to set the tone for your time together by keeping things clean and simple and focusing on what you really want – sexual pleasure and exploration – with no drama. It’s certainly worth reading.

Online chats through and telephone conversations are important tools to help you refine your search before meeting a potential friend. And once you decide to meet, make sure you choose a discreet location that is comfortable for both of you.

After that, you may soon be on your way to one of the most thrilling and sexually rewarding rides of your life.

Friends with Benefits – How It Began refers to FWB as friends who carry on a casual sexual relationship and that relationship is defined as sexual activity outside of a romantic relationship and implies an absence of commitment, emotional attachment or familiarity between partners. (4)

While the term has been around for at least a decade, the two 2011 Hollywood films noted earlier opened the world to the exciting possibilities of casual sex in the 21st century.

What began as a millennial craze has grown to include people of all walks of life and ages. Today’s changing demographics have led people to explore the secret pleasure of friends with benefits. For instance, a recent report by Statistics Canada(5) shows that in 2011 single person households (27.6%) overtook a couple with children households (26.5%) for the first time in Canadian recorded history and that gap is growing.

Whether by choice or circumstance, more people are looking for less complicated romantic lives and remaining single. And many of those people are seeking no commitment sexual encounters with like-minded friends.

Casual Sex – Some Cautionary Advice

It’s hard to resist the chance to explore your wild, erotic side with someone new, exciting and open to a sexual tryst free of emotional entanglement. You know what you want. The tricky part is settling on a partner who also thrives on the thrill of the encounter without the burden of emotional obligations.

Traditional adult dating sites, social apps and even illegal escort services all provide opportunities to check out the dating scene of others who are interested in a FWB hookup. But do they really offer you the ability to cut to the chase – in a discreet manner – that leads to your ultimate goal? Another FWB option is to subtly investigate potential hookup partners through your own circle of friends. That too is fraught with risk, particularly if you’re married and you share these friends with your spouse. Your preliminary research is one of the most crucial steps in your quest for the perfect FWB. is the world’s premier adult dating website, providing you with all the tools and resources you need - in an easy and discreet manner.

Here are a few simple FWB pointers:

  • Make sure your profile clearly reflects what you are looking for in a FWB relationship. Once you articulate your expectations and needs, it will be easier to determine a partner that is the best fit for you.
  • Be open-minded. Going in, you may think your ideal partner is single and carefree. But if you’re married and he/she does not respect your circumstances and limitations, you may find you need a friend who has more in common with your lifestyle.
  • Be thorough in your profile search. Make a list of your expectations and compare them to the profiles you’re reviewing.
  • Once you’ve selected a potential partner, take the time to get to know them better. Use our online chat service and telephone calls to ensure you’re both on the same page and respect each other’s need for no commitment, no drama, and absolute discretion.
  • Review your potential partner’s social media history and presence. The last thing you want is someone who wants to share your liaison on Facebook, Instagram or Snap.
  • Once you decide to meet in person, make sure you choose a discreet and reputable location that suits both of you. Keep it friendly and upbeat so if necessary, you can explain your meeting to anyone who may know you or your partner.
  • Once again, use this first meeting – whether it’s for a drink or dinner – to review your expectations and to communicate exactly how you envision this relationship.
  • If all goes well, you’ve now met a Friend with Benefits. The rest is up to you and your partner to enjoy the adventure!

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