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"I was in a sexless marriage, a late-comer to parenthood and had just started a new business. My wife and I had become incompatible with our desires in the bedroom and while I was still attracted to her, I still had sexual needs that weren't being met. I couldn't leave her because I was financially dependent and we had a child together. I tried a few sites without any real success before landing on Ashley Madison. The people I meet on this site are looking for the same things which makes the whole experience more straightforward and enjoyable for both parties. I've been a member for six years now, and I am happier, less stressed, and more sexually satisfied thanks to my outside partners. I am still in a sexless marriage, but I am no longer living a sexless life. To anyone looking to make a change without leaving their spouse, this is a great route to take."


"One day I woke up and realized that I was not attracted to my husband at all anymore. I felt like I couldn't communicate my sexual desires with him and noticed more and more that he was not the man that I pictured myself playing out those fantasies with. I had an affair offline to start and I loved it but the relationship eventually ran its course. I was hooked to the rush and thrill and wanted that feeling again. That's when I tried Ashley Madison. I was nervous to meet with anyone locally at first so I would only meet with men while I was traveling. Then as I got more comfortable, I started talking and meeting with men on the site who lived in my city. I've had 10+ affairs since joining Ashley Madison and the sex is amazing. I'm happy again and I don't feel any guilt for stepping outside my marriage because it's satisfying me in ways my husband no longer could. I would recommend Ashley Madison to anyone who wants sex with none of the attachment and all of the passion and fun-- that's why I am still on it."


"I chose to keep working and marry my wife right out of highschool instead of going to college and partying, and I used to think a lot about how I missed out. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, my wife, my family, I just sometimes wish I had adventured and partied more when I was younger. The idea of making up for lost time is what eventually led me to Ashley Madison. I was so nervous at first, the only person I had been intimate with for most of my life had been my wife, but I quickly got over the nerves and started having fun. Now looking back to my life before Ashley Madison I had sunk in a routine, I had become comfortable just going through the motions, but meeting new people who know what they want - and in a sense know what I want - that broke the routine. I'd recommend Ashley Madison to any adventurer out there that is stuck in a routine that they want to break out of, because at the end of the day an affair is an adventure, a party."


"I've never been interested in being in a relationship, all I really want is casual sex with none of the mess. I found that I couldn't get just sex from just anyone, a lot of men were looking for something more, or acted like they weren't looking for more but eventually became clingy. Married men aren't like that. They are caring and nice, and you don't have to deal with a relationship. It's important however that they aren't a part of your close circle to avoid any potential complication. That's why I decided to join Ashley Madison, to meet people that knew exactly what I was looking for because they were looking for the same thing. Since joining I've been able to chat and meet with all sorts of men that meet my needs in the bedroom without needing much from me outside the bedroom."


"I've never been suited for monogamy, I don't think many people are. I was finding myself bored of having sex with the same partner over and over again. That's why I joined Ashley Madison as a single man. It provided variety with none of the commitment and all of the anonymity. It's straight to the point, and the people are more experienced which makes the sex so much better. I've been able to explore and experiment with multiple partners. Since joining I've been in and out of monogamous and non-monogamous relationships, and what I've found is that sex outside of a relationship improves the relationship itself. When I joined the site I was looking to get laid, and I've gotten that, a lot. I'd recommend Ashley Madison if you want no bullshit sex."


"My story is probably unlike a lot of others on the website. I was single and my married friend told me she was on it so I joined to see her profile, and I started to get messaged, so I decided it couldn't hurt to message back. It wasn't long before I was meeting a man for my first of many one night stands. At the time of joining I wasn't interested in dating anyone, and I still am not interested in a relationship, and the people on Ashley Madison aren't looking for a relationship either. It makes it really easy to meet people, have a casual relationship, and split off. I joined Ashley Madison 5 years ago and have had around 25 affairs, and each affair has been sexually satisfying and easy to get out of."


“There are a lot of great things about my marriage, but sex is not one of those things. I felt a growing distance with my spouse because of our incompatibility in the bedroom and despite my efforts, she was unwilling to try anything new. It got to the point where I had a spontaneous affair, sort of accidentally, and it was a game changer for me. It was wild and deeply satisfying. I wanted to continue exploring this type of sex outside my marriage but realized I would need to be smarter about it. I joined Ashley Madison to pursue affairs more discreetly and the sex has been off the charts. I've been able to explore things my wife would never try and all the while I find myself being more attentive as a husband when I return home. It's a win-win. I recommend Ashley Madison to anyone who's marriage has gone sexless but not loveless."



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