What is Sex Dating or Casual Sex Dating websites?

As any other thing that is born on the Internet, online dating in the past few years has gone through its changes and through an interesting evolution. As society and sexuality changes the online dating industry had to adjust to keep up what are the demands of a new sexually liberated community. Online dating started as the vanilla notion that the Internet could be used for the purpose of meeting people to have long-term meaningful relationships. Breakthroughs like matching based on interests, personality traits and such made online dating for about 10 years extremely interesting. Sex dating and casual dating websites came in after regular dating websites to offer a more carefree and less “constrictive” idea of dating. As the words themselves explain, Sex Dating is nothing else than dating with the only purpose of finding sexual compatibility and chemistry in a partner. If regular dating websites go after long term relationships based on personality and interests compatibility, Sex dating websites instead go after sexual compatibility and their purpose is to help members find the perfect sex partner.

Why Sex Dating instead of Regular Dating websites?

In a world where sex has lots its taboo effect on people and also in a world where people have always less time for social interaction and dating, sex dating becomes the easiest and also closest thing to a romantic relationship. Many busy professionals choose this route simply because it allows them to have “fun” while still being able to juggle a very busy schedule where dating is not always possible. Studies show that sex dating tends to be more popular among professionals and people with very intensive careers such as doctors, lawyers, and executives. Also to consider is the fact that many of the people on sex dating websites might be on there temporarily just looking for sex and maybe coming out of a relationship that did not work. Sex dating websites for this reason in particular are popular among divorcees and single parents that want to have discreet intimate encounters, one nighters, and FWB relationships with likeminded individuals. Thousands of people signup on Sex Dating websites everyday and everyday many of these relationships turn into something more serious.

How to find a date on a Sex Dating Website?

Casual dating sites are completely different than any other type of dating website and being completely conscious of that will guarantee the best results. When registering on a casual sex dating website keep in mind why you are there and why other people are there. Trying to start the conversation with women on how amazing you are at painting or on how much you love traveling is probably not going to score you any extra points. When messaging women try to keep messages short and on point always highlighting what are the things you both have in common sexually. Remember, the main reason why you both are there is to find a great sexual partner that is in the same or at least similar situation. Sex Dating sites work on a much faster pace than any other and being aware of that will definitely help you have quick and hot encounters. Whenever writing your profile remember to be precise and open on what you are looking for but always try to keep it clean… it is good to be clear but it is not good if you are being too raunchy - after all it is better to discuss certain details once you start talking with the person instead of giving it all away on your profile and potentially scaring away a potential sexual match.

A person would be hard pressed to argue that the general population of the world lives at a slower pace than the generations before them. There are a plethora of new technologies which have opened the doors to a newer and more modern way of life. Business is bigger, life is generally more comfortable and the inconveniences which we see as trifling would have been insurmountable in previous times. The caveat of this is that expectations have risen along with our computing power. People are currently expected to be smarter, produce more and work longer hours while still maintaining the home and living standards that society expects in the current age. We are still expected to be able to find time to have a sex life, to date and find that perfect match to have 2.5 children with in our white picket fence home. It is more than time to give some of these antiquated courtship rituals a good kick out the door.

Just as we do not rely on the old methods for our food, technology, medication, transportation (and the list could go on and on) or education, we should relinquish these outdated methods and expectations which have been placed on dating. The truth of the matter is even with all the time-saving devices in the world, the modern person simply does not have the time for dating that they used to. We are marrying later and relying on hookups more than ever to find our perfect matches whether we dive into one of the larger sites which caters to everyone or one of the niche dating sites in which we are more likely to find our match. Convenience is everything in this world and to go through the long and often exhausting process of a drawn out courtship is more than most people are willing to invest when they are looking for only one thing in the end.


The old stereotype that it’s all that men are looking for is not true. Nor is it true that women are the ones who want emotions while men are just looking to state their lust on whatever is wet, squishy and even vaguely hole-shaped. It has been shown through multiple studies that women are just as interested in no-strings attached sex as men are, but it manifests itself in different ways. Most everyone needs and wants sex once they reach a certain age and yet the stigma against escorts and casual encounters remains high. Enter the internet which proposes new ways to break down the barriers which are stifling sexual needs. From the porn site to dating sites to sexually open blogs, the internet has become integral in loosening the boundaries which society has placed upon the general population and sex dating is simply the next step in this evolution.

Sex dating is a very specific type of dating which allows adults who are seeking the same sort of experiences to satisfy their sexual urges while needing to jump through the hoops that are required by the average courtship. It cuts out the people who are looking for their soul mates or someone whom they would want to marry and lessens the pressure to impress that is so prevalent on most dating websites. There is a pressure right from the very beginning to impress someone with not only your looks and sexual experiences, but your wit and your mind. There is no need, however, for anyone to be the full package when it comes to sex dating.

To look for the whole package while on a sex dating website would undermine the entire experience as it is a carefully crafted niche which caters exclusively to a single need. As such it is able to draw a large amount of like-minded people who are searching for the same type of sexual experiences and greatly increases the chances of finding what a person would want. The more general type of dating involves wading through messages and then discarding them when realizing that the person is looking for something different than you are. When it comes to sex dating, everyone has the same end goal.

This not only guarantees you a level of discretion, but can allow you to be more open than a person normally would be about the experiences that they crave from the website. Sex dating is a safe space where people are less likely to judge people for fetishes than they would on other dating websites and the community of sex daters (or for those who are married, swingers) have been shown to be more accepting of people in general regardless of colour, creed, sexual preferences or orientation.

The fetishes that people always want to explore, but are denigrated by modern society can be safely and privately explored through sex dating. A fast-growing online community, sex dating is not burdened by catering to a specific demographic or taste. It can easily support an enormous level of individual preferences without them clashing as a fetish or interest in a certain thing does not confine one's sexual interest to that specific act alone.

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