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The Tinder app may be one of the newest fads when it comes to mobile dating, but if you’re looking for a casual affair or a private, open-minded relationship, offers unique, important features that you just won’t find with Tinder dating.

Sure, you can swipe left or right on Tinder, if you don’t mind sharing your personal information and preferences publicly for all your friends and the whole world to see. The Tinder dating app was not designed to be discreet, which is why Tinder plus other dating apps, connect to your personal Facebook for all your friends and family to see.

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Unlike Tinder and other similar to Tinder apps which have rules and endless, tedious swiping, is a more free-spirited and flexible dating site where it’s easy for women and men to meet and live out their deepest desires.

The truth is that, with all that swiping, Tinder hook ups do not offer the privacy and discretion that offers to millions of open-minded people who are looking for new partners and new experiences.

At, we never make you link to your personal Facebook page like Tinder does. That’s why thousands of free-spirited people who are looking for excitement and adventurous connections, visit and join instead of using Tinder online dating.

By now, you’ve probably guessed the top reason why millions of people choose as an alternative to the Tinder website. Before you can even start using the Tinder dating app, you have to put your personal photographs and dating preferences out there publicly on Tinder for everyone to see. Unlike, Tinder does not offer an option to keep your photos private, so when privacy is a concern, Ashley Madison is better than Tinder.

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The good news is, that at, unlike on Tinder, you can keep your photos private until you are ready to share them people who enjoy the same experiences and turn-ons that you do.

While it’s true some people do visit to have an affair, others are more interested in exploring their most secret, wildest desires on Ashley in a way that is impossible to do on Tinder.

The bottom line is that swiping left and right for Tinder dates is not private and basically broadcasts to the world that you’re looking for someone or something new on the Tinder dating website. Do you really want your all your Facebook friends, relatives and work acquaintances knowing that you use an app like Tinder?

In fact, your best Tinder pick up lines will work just as well on because you’ll have the freedom and privacy to get more creative, personal and uninhibited when you meet women online.

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Tinder isn’t the only online dating site where it’s easy to find and meet women. At, it’s easy to go online and find open-minded men and women who want to meet up and explore exciting new connections beyond Tinder.

Look, even if you’re not seeking an affair, and are just into dating and meeting online and trying something new, you want two things in an alternative to Tinder dating app: simplicity and discretion.

If you do your research by reading Tinder reviews and taking a closer look at the Tinder dating app (and apps like Tinder), you’ll see that the Tinder app does not offer dating privacy or discretion. Tinder might be a simple app to use but Tinder’s simplicity and openness has a serious downside. Using the Tinder app means putting yourself out there, publicly on Tinder for the world to see.

Whether you’re concerned about having an affair or getting caught using the Tinder app to conduct private, personal meet ups, Tinder dating is like broadcasting your personal relationships for the world to see.

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Discretion is something that has in spades and if you have been reading the Tinder reviews, then you’ll know that Tinder dating means really putting yourself out there in a way that might be too public for you. Most people agree that Tinder online dating can be fun, but Tinder is not for everyone. If you’re looking to keep your personal affairs quiet and prefer that no one knows about your every desire and turn-on, then may be a better than Tinder online dating experience for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for adventurous dating, new experiences and hookups you can enjoy without the fear of being exposed or caught on Tinder, visit the dating app instead of Tinder.

Because at, unlike on Tinder, you can relax, express yourself freely and enjoy peace of mind, while you’re meeting like-minded people who are as open-minded and free-spirited as you are.

Join millions of members and explore the possibilities today.

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